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HOOLG'S 2007 Gen2 FZ1
(Garage Link)'s, May 2008 Bike of the Month, belongs to Daniel Parker of Rocky Mount, NC. Here's what he has to say about it.'s my second 2007 Gen2 FZ1. The first as purchased in January of '07 and totaled in March '07 when some old lady decided it was more important to change the radio station than pay attention to the stop light. This is the first sportbike I've owned. I rode a Roadstar Warrior before this.

I knew from day one how I wanted the bike to look but unforunately couldn't purchase it that way. After considering several other 'naked' options, I decided on the Yamaha. I could do most of the service myself and aftermarket parts are fairly plentiful. The riding position is also more friendly, which is good for us old guys with bad backs.

It took nine months to find a dealer that could get the FZ1N (euro headlight) for me. I had to modify the stock wiring harness slightly to work with it and find a way to hide the excess wire (under the tank) in order to clean it up a bit. The airbox has been modified and the stock filter replaced with a BMC. The cats are both removed from the exhaust so the stock header is open and the MIVV exhaust has the db killer removed for better airflow. Sounds great too. It is equipped with a Dyno Jet,PCIII and custom map supplied by Ivan at Ivan's performance parts. I dropped two teeth on the front sprocket for more low end grunt. In stock form it would only wheelie under extrme acceleration. It will now wheelie on demand. The rear sets are by LighTech and are adjustable. The Levers are Pazzo shorties. The risers were a bit tall for my liking so I replaced them with SV650 risers which lowered them an inch. Who says an inch doesn't matter? LOL. I rode without mirrors for a while until I decided on the Rizomas. They were expensive but one of my favorite and most useful purchases to date. The mudflap was removed and replaced with a Graves fender eliminator and I installed a speed-o-healer to compensate for the sprocket change. The stock seat became uncomfortable after more than an hour in the saddle so I opted for the Sargent in carbon fibre look material. Now I can easily ride 250+ miles a day without discomfort. (I put 1,180 miles on it last week in 4 1/2 days while riding in the mountains!) The belly pan is new and I'm still a little undecided on it. I also just bought the Euro radiator shrouds which improve the look even more.

I have a few more ideas in mind for this project, like upgrading the suspension and a little powder coating but thats about it. The wife is cutting up my credit cards and taking my ATM card too. LOL.

Overall, this is the best bike I've ever owned and I plan to keep it a very long time.


Written by HOOLGN | BOTM May 2008



ScottRR's 2007 HONDA CBR600RR
(Garage Link)


The 2007 HONDA CBR600RR has been stunning enthusiast since its release late in 2006, none more so than this beautiful example piloted by ScottRR. With its classy, track-styled upgrades such as a beautiful carbon fiber Leo Vince SBK exhaust, and TECH G rear sets with carbon heel plates, this bike defiantly deserves a second look. Featured on the Leo Vince web site, this 07 never stops turning heads. A Puig dark smoke windscreen, Harris gel grips, and custom-painted subframe and levers add a discrete touch of style and performance. The factory taillights and turn signals have been discarded in favor of the slick-looking aftermarket replacements. Add these upgrades to a bike that was all ready proclaimed:

"As good as it gets, and leaves the rest scrapping for bragging to a runner-up position." -Sport Rider 5/07

and has the performance leading to comments such as:

"Damn, this thing feels like a freakin 750... Best 600cc bike ever made!" - Motor Cyclist 3/07

And there’s no question as to why ScottRR's 07 CBR, and its slick pearl-white paint job, have taken the title of NCS Bike Of The Month APRIL 2008.


Written by ScottRR | BOTM April 2008



Meanstrk's 2002 Aprilia RST 1000 Futura
(Garage Link)


The bike is a 2002 Aprilia RST 1000 Futura. Aprilia made these for4 years and they are one of the best kept secrets in the sport touring world. I was looking at these on line for years and wanted one based on looks and the reviews alone, but funds were an issue at the time, so I got a different bike instead. My wife knew I was looking though, and when I went to Iraq in 2005, she found this one near Charlotte being sold used for a decent price. It had 2300 miles on it then and already had the Staintune pipes on it. I found out about the purchase through a post on another forum I moderate on, which was REALLY cool, and was overwealmed at the generosity she showed me in the purchase. When I returned from Iraq, the first thig I did when I got home was pull the cover off and stare at it and proclaim "That is one sexy bitch!"! I think the wife was a bit jealous.....

Anyways, the first month home from Iraq I put over 5000 miles on it going to the mountains, Deals Gap, riding to Alabama for the NASCAR races, making beer runs, etc.... Whatever excuse I could make, I was on the bike! It took me a while to get the suspensioin dialed in, but ever since then, we have been rocking the asphalt one or two up!

The only modifications done to the bike are the Staintune pipes, AF1 racing H-pipe, Evoluzione air filter, derestricted air box, Tuneboy custom mapping, and HID headlights, and this is about all I plan on doing to it with the possible exception of going to the RSV Mille air boot, which has bigger air inlets.

The bike currently has right at 26,000 miles on it and plans on seeing many more!

Thanks for voting her Bike of the Month!


Written by Meanstrk | BOTM Feb 2008




Tribal_06's CBR
(Garage Link)


I purchased my CBR600RR brand new in September of 2006. She was bone stock besides a lowering kit (3”) put on by the dealership. I didn’t leave there without ordering my first mod, double bubble tinted windscreen. I rode it for a little bit and had a little get off with less than 200 miles (the day my frame sliders came in the mail) and decided to put her back up to only an inch lowered. The frame sliders along with bar ends and swing arm spools were put on. Flush mounts were added, tank protector slapped on soon after as well. Tooling around with the internet and finding, I decided that the integrated tail was pretty cool. The bike was coming along pretty well to my liking except for that ugly rear fender. I had cut it a little but it was still ugly. Off to Lowe’s and a DIY plate bracket came about.

A couple months later and after a short vacation, tax season came around. I had a few looks added to my bike and realized it was time to make her purr. I chose the yosh carbon fiber slip on with carbon cab. It was one of the better looking pipes and best sounding at the time. Along with the pipe, I also got my hands on a OEM seat cowl. Day after day I kept looking at my bike and needed something to set it off and make it different from the other 06 tribal in town. I noticed that he didn’t have any rim tape and there was my next goodie.

I left the bike as it was for a little bit but as Myrtle Beach bike week was upon us, I needed something custom. I brainstormed with a friend and we thought that a little mesh in the back vents (kinda like the 1000RR) would be a nice touch. I went out and looked and looked for some mesh that might look pretty. Finally found some gutter mesh at Lowe’s that would do the job.

At this point, I left the bike the way it was for a few months as money got a little tight but still had the itch to do something. I knew I really wanted to get it raised back to stock height so a trip to Ron Ayers in Greenville for my friends inspection had me asking questions with the service guys. Just so happened they had a stock 1000RR dog bone they would swap out for me. It set the bike up over stock height about 2” or so in the rear. This made it easier to hit the corners a little faster. Around the same time everyone was getting those sweet looking shorty pazzo’s and of course I joined that band wagon.

Again, I was broke so I found myself doing nothing but riding my baby. I was searching and searching for something half way cheap to do to set it off from the other super sport bikes around. I ran into a local upholstery shop that did bike seats. I needed a little more cushion to the mouse pad I was sitting on so the guy added 1/2 “ of foam and did a sweet 2 tone leather job with some embroidering that fit a poor man’s wallet.

Time went on and cold weather came. This led me to put some heat in the grips. Best winter mod yet. With winter upon us and free time on my hands, I finished the mesh job with the side fairing holes done up. I ordered a Tripage 3rd eye LED mod and some carbon fiber heel plates.

I hold a special spot in my heart and garage for my love. I have seen a few lady friends come and go but the real lady is still in my life today. Keep your eye out for more mods and for the unique orange and black tribal around.





CheapBastard's Speed Triple
(Garage Link)

Speed Triple


ahhhh, my Speed Triple. Fell in love with her the day I test rode her. Less than a month later, the R1 was gone and speedy was in my garage.

I purchased her slightly used back in October of 2005. She was bone stock, and only had 2200 miles on her. After joining and learning more and more about her, it was time to start tinker'n. And let's just say that the people from that forum have been way more than kind to me over the past 2 years. I can honestly say that they've saved me well over $1000.

First thing to do was to let that triple howl like she was intended to, so an aftermarket exhaust was in order. This was no easy feat, as the 2005 was a brand new model, and it was very hard to find aftermarket exhaust at first. Finally, 3 exhausts later, I ended up with the Zard. And my, what a sound she makes.

After I finally settled on the Zard, it was time to get some proper tuning. Well Triumph boys swear on a Tuneboy, so Tuneboy it was. Even get this Speed Triple guru feller to fine tune her in on the dyno. With only a slipon, modified header, and K&N air filter, I took her from 110 bone stock at the rear wheel, to 124 in the same day!!! Money well spent.

Time for some blingage. So my Speed Triple guru friend was kind enough to powdercoat lots of parts for me(basically, everything that was silver, is now black). Then he talked me in to going ahead and ceramic coating the entire exhaust also. And as for all of the other items, I only have the members of to thank for those also. The guys have hooked me up with all of the following, rear hugger, pazzo levers, Rizoma mirrors, Hyperpro suspension bits, frame sliders, etc... I always forget something they've done for me, so I just add the etc... now.

At any rate, if you've never ridden a triple, you are missing out. You owe it to yourselves to ride one of these beasts before your time is up! As for me and my speedy, we've been together over 2 years now... I think this marriage is gonna be one of those rare lifers.


Written by CheapBastard | BOTM December 2007


November 2007 BOTM

Grim Reaper's Konica Minolta Replica Honda
(Garage Link)

Grim's Bike


I originally purchased the bike as a replacement for my RC51(stolen), it had super low miles for the year and had no aftermarket modifications done, with the exception of frame sliders. As most of us do, I started adding just about every little performance mod/accessory I could to the bike. Exhaust, air filter, PCIII, short levers were among the first, and needless to say, I spent alot of time and money at the dealership after the sale. A couple months into owning the 929, I saw the Repsol CBR at Team Powersports and thought my bike would look good in that same color scheme. During my research of different graphics kits, I came across the Konica Minolta Moto GP replica. Granted the team doesn't get much coverage in the races, so I had never seen that bike until then, but thought it would be better to have something that would have been more original than simply painting the bike another factory color scheme. In retrospect, I believe it would have been easier to have used vinyl to lay out the colors on a solid color bike, but for what ever reason I decided to paint the three colors on the bike. Days were spent laying out the designs on the upper cowl with countless measuring and retaping being performed, it was a nightmare, and so were every other fairing panel that had more than one color spanning the piece. Test fitting of the Targa solo seat cowl proved equally challenging, sure it bolted up the way it should have, but the fitment was less than acceptable. The urethane cowl was shaped into its current form after many hours of orbital sanding and finally finished off by hand. In all, the paint job turned out the way I wanted it to, but with far greater effort than I had anticipated.

During my search for the graphics kits, I came across another 929 owner that had taken the time to research the similarities between his bike and the 954. He had a website with reviews on just about every mod there was for the 929 and a few that he was in the process of trying, of which, one was the 954 swingarm conversion. Taking a good look at my 929's swingarm, and you could see just how dated the technology was in 2001. I took the time to email the guy and find out just what was needed in performing the swap, and sourced my own parts to use for the conversion. Not having any stands of my own, I dropped the bike off at Team Powersports to have them perform the conversion, using the parts I was told that would be neccessary to make the swingarm work. That decision was apparently a good choice, as it was that there were quite a few other miscellaneous small parts that the other 929 owner forgot to mention were neccessary to make it all work.

With those two major modifications being complete, I was in a hurry to burn up my tires so I could take the wheels off and have them powder coated. I had business to attend to in North Raleigh one afternoon, and happened to come across a log in the road of which there was no other way to go but over it. The result was a bent front wheel, so now the rush was on to source another replacement. Team Powersports came through again, when I stopped in to have them inspect the damage, they came back and said they had a set of stock 954 wheels from a bike they had sold years ago. I asked how much they wanted for them, and when they told me they only wanted 200 for the set, I immediately took them up on their offer. The next day I picked the wheels up, stripped of all bearings and other hardware and took them to have them powdercoated. A couple weeks later I had them installed, finishing off the Konica Minolta scheme, definately not something you'll see every day.


Written byJustin aka Grim Reaper | BOTM November 2007