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Competition Accessories

is a proud sponsor of NCSportbikes! Located just South of Charlotte in Rock Hill, SC, our retail store and online fulfillment center span over 30k square feet! With over $2,000,000 in inventory, we have a huge selection of apparel, parts, and accessories. If you are looking for motorcycle helmets, check out our great deals on Shoei Helmets, Arai Helmets, Bell Helmets, and HJC Helmets. Some of our most popular apparel brands are Alpinestars, Icon, Spidi, Joe Rocket, Speed and Strength, and Cortech. Finally, we carry a full selection of footwear including Sidi Boots, Gaerne Boots, Alpinestars Boots, and TCX Boots. We can also get any aftermarket motorcycle parts and accessories for your ride. We have ongoing special offers to NCS members, so visit our subforum for the latest deals!



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Riding Jeans Review

Several types put to the test!


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Hazardous Racing Gear and Apparel Steps Up!

Because Nothing Fits like Custom Fit!


Welcome to the new year! For 2013 Hazardous Racing has stepped into the spotlight as the newest full sponsor to join the ranks of the greats that we have as part of the family!


Hazardous Racing opened up last year and came out hot and setting blazing trails on the track and road scene as the premier custom fit gear company. With most companies not making custom fit suits below the 1800 dollar rmark, Hazardous has slashed profit margins to make custom fit leathers as low as 799!


Check out their facebook and website, they are always improving and making newer, better, and faster products to fit the racer! Today they make suits from 1.3mm leather, 1.5mm leather, screen printed 1.5mm, to Kangaroo, gloves and in the near future boots!!


All about a third to half off standard retail prices! Low overhead and racer spirit lets them make deals others cannot!


Check them out! Hazardous Facebook


Hop on into the forums and see what kind of discounts you get just from being part of the NCSportbikes family!




Impact Armor steps up to help sponser NCSr's!

Protecting Those Who Dare


From Mike Braxton  Impact Safe-T Armor, Designer & Owner

Mike, began designing armor in the early 90's based upon conversations with Dr. Roderick Woods, of Cambridge University, whom Mike calls the "GodFather" of the CE standard.  Dr. Woods impact tested Mike's "unique" design and found it consistently exceeded the performance level of what is today's mass produced CE armor. Awarded a US patent in 2000, Impact Armor creates made-to-measure chest, back, limb  and special request protection for men, women and children, including the big and tall.  Today, Impact Armor is worn in most major road race series including MotoGP.  Impact Armor has been crash tested by the best including: Colin Edwards, the Hayden Brothers, Troy Corser,Josh Hayes, Mat Mladin, Melissa Paris, Gino Rea, Elena Myers and Larry Pegram, just to name a few....



Impact Armor has been around for some time now and has earned themselves a fantastic reupation in the world of protecting riders like us. As of today they join the ranks in efforts supporting family! With unmatchable specials to our local NCSr's they will now also be protecting those of US who dare!

click the images below for full size detailed pictures
Back Protection Chest Protection wish Ab Cover Forearm/Elbow Protector Chest Protector with Ab Protection


Hip Protectors Women's Chest Protection Back Protection


Current/UP and Coming Events and Rides

Most of these you can find in the Group Rides Section of the Forums


Sping Fling in the Mountains over Labor Day!


and don't forget the Triangle's weekly Thursday debacles!


Charlotte's Random trips to the foothills and CB's avoidance of riding in sub-60 degree weather


And lots of other events constantly going on!




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